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NLP For Coaches: Transform Your Practice

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Next Round TBD


Professional & Personal Development

Welcome to Introductory Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Program for Coaches, where we will dive into the essential NLP skills under the facilitation of me, Julie Cremoux, an accredited Master NLP Practitioner through ANLP.


This program is designed to immerse you in the foundational skills of NLP while focusing on practical application in your daily life. I believe that to be a great coach you MUST do the inner work in parallel of developing your coaching skills. NLP has been exactly that for me over the course of the last 2 years. Now I am beyond excited to bring this transformation to you! I will be sharing the foundational pillars of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that have deeply influenced my coaching approach and propelled me to new heights.

This program is beyond just learning techniques, my aim is for you to embody NLP principles seamlessly and continue discovering who you are becoming. This will encompasses both a mindset shift and a toolkit for achieving holistic personal growth. 

In this collaborative learning environment, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside peers, sharing insights, and collectively elevating your understanding and application of these principles. Together, we'll explore how to create working hypothesis with our clients, effective communication, behavioral patterns, goal setting, and empowerment through language.


4 Week Program

Want to join my next round? 

Direct message me your prefered days and times. I am currently gathering data from all those who had wished they could make this round. 


All Live Sessions

All live sessions will be recorded to ensure ongoing learning opportunities. Access Sessions On-Demand revisit and replay anytime.

Potential Part II

Possibility To Continue

For those eager to continue their NLP journey, I will be continuing another 4 week program for a part 2 in the near future. Potential to bring your NLP to the next level with specialized techniques, and more coaching practice.

Covered Topics

Tools & Techniques

• Legs Of NLP 

• Outcome Thinking 

• State Management 

• Presuppositions 

• Sensory Acuity

• Perceptual positions 

• Meta programs 

• Logical levels

  • NLP for Coaches

    One time payment
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Intro to NLP
    • NLP Tools & Techniques
    • Recorded Sessions
    • 4 week program
    • 2 hour sessions
    • Elevate Your Coaching Skills


• Community of coaches working together to learn and grow

• On-Going connection within community members between sessions

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You're a coach looking to enhance your skills and deepen your impact on clients' lives

You're committed to personal growth and ready to explore transformative techniques

You believe in the power of mindset shifts and holistic approaches to coaching

You're ready to dive deeper into who you are and who you are becoming

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