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About Me

Everything starts from within!

I was born in France and living in California now. I've dedicated myself to the realm of Mindset and Transformation coaching, earning certifications from Jay Shetty Certification School and the International Association For Coaching (AC). Additionally, I am a certified NLP master practitioner (Neuro-linguistic programming) accredited by ANLP International CIC.

My mission is to empower empaths and coaches to spread their light, protect their energy, and build deeper relationships with themselves and others. Being an empath myself, I've embarked on a personal journey of healing and growth through lots of inner work.

I believe that we all possess unique superpowers, and my goal is to guide individuals in harnessing their abilities. My holistic approach encompasses understanding every facet of the self, guiding individuals to embrace breakthroughs, and fostering deep connections.

My company name, Life is Beautiful, comes from a saying my mother and grandmother would often tell us. It wasn’t until finding peace from within, that I could truly understand its depth, meaning, and layers to it.

I always work from my heart and love being a student of life. I have a passion for growing my understanding of people. I have realized that while we are all unique creatures, our negative limiting beliefs are so unoriginal. Feeling not good enough is one of the top reasons that hold us back. My style of coaching is simple. I show up, I bring my full presence and energy, I come with a blank canvas, an open heart, I stay curious, and bring pure passion to serve my clients.


Everyone is whole, complete, and resourceful and with the help of a life coach to expose your blind spots and be your mirror, that transformation journey happens much faster. I am a great listener, patient, very observant, ready to call you out when I need to, and very supportive. My clients often tell me how well I help them connect the dots. If you feel I am the right coach for you, reach out for a free discovery call. Invest in yourself!

Becoming by Julie

My Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

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