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Upcoming Calls:

April 25th Thursday 8am

May 7th Tuesday 3:30pm

May 13th Monday 8am (Full)

May 14th Tuesday 11:00am

Book Your Time Slot

Steps to book your time slot:

1) Purchase Evolve Coach Supervision Plan

2) Click Book Now (above) to pick from the schedule

3) Booking slot will close after the first 6 have registered 

4) Calendar Invites with zoom links will be sent out

Upcoming Calls:

April 25th Thursday 8am

May 7th Tuesday 3:30pm

May 13th Monday 8am (Full)

May 14th Tuesday 11:00am

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  • Evolve: Coach Supervision

    Every month
    Includes one session per month
    • Coaching Supervision with Julie Cremoux
    • Monthly, 1.5 hours
    • Max Group of 6
    • Monthly Payments
    • First come first serve time slots
    • Can be canceled anytime

Questions for all sessions:


What do you want to focus on in this session? Consider any of the following as possible areas for exploration and discussion:

• Issues from your coaching which are
pre-occupying or puzzling you right now

• Sharing the good work you have done with a particular coachee - think about what worked and why

• Reviewing an aspect of your work as a coach you would like to improve. For ex ending a coaching contract


• Any ethical questions you'd like to explore 

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• Excel in your coaching skills and in your own inner work


• Use these sessions towards applying for AC certification

• Receive coaching and mentoring along developing your coaching journey


• After purchasing membership, book your desired time slot each month, 6 coaches max per slot


• Booking is first come first serve 


• You're welcome to schedule addition sessions if desired for extra cost


• Community Support of Like-Minded Coaches who are committed to their professional development 

• On-Going Connection and message support with supervisor

Coach Supervision

What is Supervision?

Supervision is a collaborative partnership rooted in trust, mutual respect, and shared learning. Across all professional coaching and mentoring associations, the significance of coaching supervision is universally acknowledged as a foundational and essential aspect of professional growth and excellence. The frequency of these sessions varies and is contingent upon the volume of coaching engagements you are currently undertaking.

Purpose of Supervision​

Supervision has three primary functions:


• Development
- to receive feedback and reflect on the content and process of your work from more than one perspective
- to develop skills through the exchange of information, observation and practical experience
- to review and discuss individual client issues
- to learn from others’ experiences, approaches, theories, models and techniques


• Professional Assurance
Maintain quality standards and ethics
- to monitor and promote the welfare of your clients
- to fulfil requirement for your certification and accreditation


• Support
- to enjoy personal and professional support

Supervision Sessions

Each session is tailored to your unique needs and the evolving dynamics of your coaching practice. Typically, a coaching supervision session may encompass various key areas, such as:

  1. Exploring the individual client (coachee) and their interaction with the organizational system they are part of.

  2. Analyzing how the organizational system influences both the client and the coach.

  3. Reflecting on the coach's own processes and practices, with the supervisor providing valuable challenge, support, and feedback.

  4. Examining the parallel dynamics between the supervision relationship and its impact on the coach-client relationship.

  5. Considering the supervisor's personal experiences and processes during the sessions.

  6. Nurturing the relationship between the supervisor and the coach for effective collaboration.

  7. Leveraging relevant coaching theories to diagnose issues, inform decisions, and identify appropriate interventions.

  8. Conducting a review of learning and development experiences.

  9. Addressing ethical dilemmas and concerns that may arise in coaching practice.

  10. Offering support on AC accreditation.

Expectations As Supervisor

In my role as your Supervisor, you can anticipate the following commitments from me:

  1. Establishing a secure and confidential environment.

  2. Fostering your continuous professional growth and development.

  3. Ensuring strict adherence to ethical guidelines and professional standards.

  4. Offering consultation when deemed necessary.

  5. Providing constructive feedback after each session.

  6. Maintaining concise session records that focus on essential details and significant matters.

  7. Safeguarding the confidentiality

  8. Adhering to the principles outlined in the Association for Coaching Global Code of Ethics.

  9. Maintaining professional insurance

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Expectations As Supervisee

As Supervisee, it is expected that you will:

  1. Prepare for and attend sessions

  2. Present work and relevant issues

  3. Feedback to self and supervisor

  4. Uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards

  5. Be open to change and alternative methods of practice

  6. Consult me in cases of emergency

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